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Combat that Daily Burnout

Want to keep up with exercise regime but fear aches and cramps? Does your typical day mean long hours spent outdoors, standing, running errands? Worry not, grab your ‘Go To’ energy tabs to add enthusiasm and tempo to your day. Experience the reduction in fatigue, improvement in exercise capacity, and feel the oxygen level in muscle cells going up – all with your one Carnifizz tablet. A handy, good dose of serious replenishment for a day’s hard work!

  • Pre-workout supplement to increase muscle output
  • 100% replenishment in energy levels that drops during a hectic day.
  • Made with the best quality natural ingredients.
  • A 100% vegetarian Effervescent tablet.
  • Convenient tube with international Hydra-Lock Seal
  • Fizzy Tangy orange flavour.
  • Safe for diabetic patients.
Country of Origin: India
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    Why IS IT A Must HAVE?

    Carnifizz is a Health Supplement that contains L- Carnitine 250 mg, L-Arginine 1500 mg, Lycopene 12.5 mg and Zinc 6.25 mg. in each tablet. Carnifizz offers many beneficial actions, as stated below
    •  Reduces Fatigue
    •  Reduces Muscle Aches
    •  Decreases Oxidative Damage and Inflammation
    •  Prevents Muscle Cramps
    •  Improves Exercise Capacity
    •  Improves Oxygen Levels in Muscle cells
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    How Does CARNIFIZZ Help?

    Carnifizz helps you ‘Recharge and Carry On and On’
    •   250 mg of L- Carnitine in Carnifizz Increases Muscle Output and Is Essential For Mitochondrial Energy Production
    •  L- Arginine Increases Nitric Oxide Levels & Increases Oxygen Supply To Muscle Cells. Thus, Improving the Exercise Capacity
    •  Lycopene Helps Decrease Oxidative Damage and Inflammation and Zinc Plays a Key Role In Bio-Chemical Reactions In Muscle
    •   Carnifizz Improves Exercise Capacity ,Prevents Muscle Cramps and Reduces Muscle Pain.
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    What Is Different About CARNIFIZZ?

    Cinque Terre
    Combination of 4 Nutrients
    Carnifizz Is a Unique Combination of 4 Potent Nutrients With Multiple Beneficial Actions On The Muscles
    Cinque Terre
    Unique Qzorb Technology
    Available As Effervescent Tablets With Unique Qzorb Technology* From Switzerland, Which Enables Quick Absorption Of Product
    Cinque Terre
    All The Ingredients Are From Vegetarian Source
    Cinque Terre
    Tasty Fizzy Drink
    Comes In A Fizzy Tangy Orange Flavour, Which Adds Fun To The Drink
    Cinque Terre
    Convenient Pack
    Packed In Convenient Tubes With International Hydra-Lock Seal
    Cinque Terre
    Safe For Diabetic Patients
    Low Calorie, Low Fat, Low Sodium Content Makes It Safe For Cardiac And Diabetic Patients
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    How To Enjoy CARNIFIZZ?

    • Drop One Tablet In 200 ml Of Water
    • Wait Till The Effervescent Tablet Dissolves Completely
    • Drink The Tasty, Fizzy Solution.


Rating 4/5 based on 1 reviews

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Sunita Rao
Sunita Rao

superb.Thank you Carnifizz

Carnifizz is my daily drink which keeps me active in Office


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