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Novelty HealthShine

The birth of Novelty Healthshine

Novelty HealthShine was established in 2018 with the sole purpose of offering novel healthcare solutions that enable restoration of ‘Shining Health’ of patients through meticulously formulated combinations and advanced drug delivery systems. Headquartered at Mumbai, we have operations across the country in all major states.

At Novelty HealthShine we are ‘Dedicated to Science, Committed to Innovation and Driven by Technology’.

We strive to do so by:

  • International collaborations for original research based ingredients with proven efficacy and safety.
  • Use of latest technology like the ThinOral Technology and the QZORB Technology from Novelty Pharma, Switzerland.
  • We at Novelty Healthshine are constantly striving to find solutions for people’s health needs.This led us to the innovation of CFIZZ range of products.One of the areas where people are always looking to improve is their Immunity.A strong Immunity system works as a base to protect our bodies against ailments and many diseases.CFIZZ range of products aims to do exactly that by providing the people with solutions that enable them to build their immunity system for long term good health.Our journey has just began and we plan to add many more products and services in our venture to build your Immunity.Join the CFIZZ family and get your health shining!

International Quality

CFIZZ range of products aim to bring global approaches in products by incorporating novel ingredients with International collaborations

Proven Efficacy

CFIZZ range of products has the right mix of novel, natural, scientifically recommended ingredients, and novel patented technology to ensure maximum efficacy.

Excellent Patients Convenience and Compliance

Focusing on consumer convenience and compliance falls under CFIZZ’s Brand philosophy


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